10 Life Lessons About Maintaining Good Health

According to statistics, over the past two decades, life expectancy for humans have significantly risen. It was common for our ancestors to die in their late 30s. One of the main reasons we are living longer is that we take better care of ourselves.

Even more important than quantity of life is quality. When you maintain an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, you have a better chance of living a long, productive life. Here are ten helpful hints for keeping optimal health:

1. You Are What You Eat

Alarming data shows that 67.7% of Americans are obese. Being obese puts you at risk for several major diseases and disorders, says the source. Just like a car, your body needs the right fuel to run efficiently. It needs the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, and fat. Cutting out processed junk food and eating a variety of whole foods is the best way to stay fit.

2. Daily Exercise

Being a couch potato does nothing good for your body. It needs to be up and moving to keep your blood flowing and your joints limber. The good news is that you do not have to pay an exorbitant price for a gym membership. There are plenty of exercises that you can do at home that will get you in shape just as easily. Even a brisk walk every
day has its benefits.

3. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Staying active does not mean that you do not need rest. Your body was designed to get anywhere from 6-10 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. While you are sleeping, your cells recover from all the work that you did. They gather an energy reserve for the next day. All of your organs, including your brain, need to rest so that they function right.

4. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Your brain and nervous system need activity and rest just like the other parts of your body. Keep your mind agile by learning new things. Challenge yourself daily with puzzles and other logical exercises. Meditation and visualization are wonderful tools for soothing your mind and bringing your life into focus.

5. Practice Good Personal Hygiene

No one wants to be around someone who is unkempt and smells bad. A daily hygiene regimen includes bathing (or showering), brushing your teeth, and taking care of your hair. You should also pay careful attention to your fingernails and toenails. Keep your skin youthful and radiant by washing it daily and using a good moisturizer. You minimize chances of getting sick by washing your hands when needed.

6. Avoid Direct Sun

Your body needs a certain amount of sunshine each day in order to produce important Vitamin D. For years, people were encouraged to lie out in the sun to get a golden tan. Even when studies warn that too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, we still see people baking on the beaches and simmering in tanning beds. These sun worshipers end up with leathery skin, premature wrinkles, and age spots. Keep your skin safe by wearing hats, protective clothing, and a strong sunscreen. If you want a little tan, try bronzers and self-tanning lotions.

7. Kick The Smoking Habit

There is too much information about the hazards of smoking to ignore. Smokers are not only putting their own health at risk, but they risk the health of their family with second-hand smoke. If you are still hooked on tobacco, talk to your doctor about a good cessation program and medications to curb the craving.

8. Limit Alcohol

You can still enjoy your favorite adult beverage; however, it should be done in moderation. Even the studies concerning the benefits of red wine say that there should be a daily limit. Excessive alcohol can cause a dangerous addiction. It poisons your liver and may contribute to premature death. Parties are just as much fun if you drink soda or a glass of water.

9. Speaking Of Water…

The majority of our bodies are made up of water. It only makes sense that you keep yourself hydrated for all the systems in your body to work properly. Health experts recommend between 6-8 glasses of water each day. Limit yourself on the sodas and coffee. If you miss a bubbly drink, try a glass of seltzer with a little lemon juice.

10. Enjoy Your Life!

An old proverb says that life is for the living. While you have to work to pay your bills and keep your family, you still need time for fun and relaxation. Take up a hobby that you have always wanted to do. You will also appreciate life more if you do things to give back to others, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter.

When you put these life lessons into practice, you can stay healthier and live longer. Share your healthy lifestyle with your family and friends. Taking care of yourself is what living is all about.