Donor Sperm IUI

Donor sperm, in combination with IUI, is a common treatment. The main indication for using donor sperm is either absence of sperm in the male partner or severe sperm abnormalities (male infertility). Donor sperm may also be used in cases where a female patient does not have a male partner. Rarely, donor sperm is used because of genetic abnormalities in the male.

Donor sperm was once the only treatment option for moderate to severe male factor infertility . With the advent of ICSI, combined with IVF, a pregnancy can be created even when there are no sperm in the ejaculate. The sperm can be harvested directly from the reproductive tract and inserted directly into the egg. This makes it possible for male factor infertility patients to have genetically related children.

Our fertility center works with several large nationally known sperm banks to help you choose an appropriate sperm donor. Sperm banks ensure that prospective donors undergo extensive screening including full medical and family histories, physical exams and screening for genetic disorders as well as infectious diseases. Background information and a physical description are included in the donor profile, which is available for patients to review. In order to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, all donor sperm must first be frozen (quarantined) for six months. The prospective sperm donor will be retested for all infectious diseases prior to using his sperm for insemination.