Northwell Health Fertility Services

Northwell Health Fertility offers the full range of diagnostic and treatment services for infertility. We’ve been at the forefront of important advances in reproductive medicine for over two decades. Our Center features double-board certified infertility specialists.

The advance of reproductive medicine has been dramatic since  Northwell Health Fertility opened in 1976, and is mirrored by the growth of diagnostic and therapeutic options available for treating infertility.

When dealing with infertility, it’s best to choose a respected fertility clinic, staffed by board certified infertility specialists. Some physicians “dabble” in infertility treatment, while our physician team is totally focused on infertility. In fact, many fertility drugs caution against their use by non-specialists. Patients who see a fertility specialist are much more likely to become pregnant in shorter time frames. It has also been demonstrated that the cost to attain pregnancy is less.

Our center is focused on offering the level of technology to couples most likely to result in pregnancy while considering factors such as cost. Our services are offered in a compassionate, individualized setting and our entire staff is focused on patient-centric care.

We offer first line treatments such as oral medications and intrauterine insemination (IUI) to in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our IVF clinic is one of the most active in New York, and we have the experience that produces our excellent success rates. In addition to IVF, we offer an outstanding donor egg program.

PGD is offered for those who may have, or suspect they have, a genetic disease that could be passed to their children. Our center is on the cutting edge in screening preventable genetic diseases.

Additionally, Northwell Health Fertility offers advanced surgical treatments for infertility. Our infertility specialists have all undergone advanced training in advanced microscopic laparoscopic surgery. Most infertility surgeries can now be performed using the laparoscope, greatly reducing pain and recovery time.

Today, Northwell Health Fertility is the focus for reproductive medicine for all of Northwell Health, and serves patients from its affiliated hospitals across Long Island and the New York Metropolitan area. Additionally, our center treats patients from all over New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Our center accommodates patients in our spacious facility, home to fully equipped examination rooms, technologically advanced embryology and andrology laboratories, and state-of-the- art procedure and recovery rooms. And as part of one of the Northeast’s premier health organizations, we are often the first in our region to adopt new and minimally invasive technologies.

In short, we offer comprehensive infertility diagnostic and treatment services and consider all possible options, establishing the custom treatment plan best suited to each individual couple.