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Growing Popularity of Fertilization Treatment

In her new memoir, former US first lady Michelle Obama opens up about infertility and the IVF treatments that she and husband Barack Obama had experienced prior to becoming parents. Meanwhile, more American women have had medical help to have

Editing the Human Genome: Where ART and Science Intersect

Prevention of Leber Congenital Amaurosis Through Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Two Successful Pregnancies Following Fertility Preservation In A Patient With Anaplastic Astrocytoma: A Case Report

Alexandra Peyser, Sara L. Bristow and Avner Hershlag BMC Cancer 2018 18:544 | ©  The Author(s). 2018 Received: 27 February 2018 | Accepted: 1 May 2018 | Published: 9 May 2018 Abstract Background Astrocytomas are the most common malignant glial tumors. With improved prognosis, it is possible for patients to pursue pregnancy post-treatment. However, with potential gonadotoxicity of oncology treatments,

Dr. Hershlag Talks Endometriosis and Egg Freezing

Dr. Avner Hershlag recently spoke with Refinery29 to inform their article on endometriosis, egg freezing, and the singer Halsey’s decision to freeze her eggs. Halsey revealed in a recent interview that she’s struggled with endometriosis and has taken steps to preserve

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When Women Choose Sterilization

Many things can happen to a young woman to make her change her mind about childbearing. Dr. Avner Hershlag contributes his analysis in a letter to The New York Times, and brings hope to sterilized women wishing to conceive. Learn

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Womb Transplants – A New Frontier

Doctors in Texas are celebrating a birth that wouldn’t have been possible ten years ago – the first American to be born following a uterus transplant. Dr. Avner Hershlag provides his insight into the procedure: Watch Video

Several Miscarriages and Infertility

A miscarriage is one of the most difficult situations a couple can experience. Both parents are left in unimaginable pain and grief. In addition, it can lead to many questions and wondering what went wrong and why the pregnancy didn’t

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

By Dr. Christine Mullin, M.D. 1.3 % of women in the general population will develop ovarian cancer sometime during their lives.  39 % of women who inherit a harmful BRCA-1 mutation and 11-17 % of women who inherit a harmful BRCA-2 mutation will develop

Why Everyone's IVF Journey Is Different

In-Vitro Fertilization is the process of fertilization that involves manual extraction of ova and sperms then manually combining them in the laboratory. The formed embryo is then transferred into the uterus for development. It is a form of assisted fertilization