Common Infertility Myths

We live in the age of information. For any given subject, there is a plethora of data at our fingertips. Unfortunately, not all of it is factual. This is especially true when examining fertility, and more specifically- infertility. Infertility is a very complex thing and while there are some truths about this subject, some are only old wives’ tales. Because of its complex nature there is a lot of confusion. Let’s examine a few myths about fertility.

#1 Most women have an easy time becoming pregnant.

The truth behind this is that many women can easily become pregnant. However, about one in every 10 couples will have some problem with infertility. There are things like health conditions and age that can have an impact on a woman’s ability to conceive. The older that a woman gets, the less her chances for becoming pregnant. It is important to note though that a woman of any age or background can suffer from infertility.

#2 Infertility problems don’t affect men.

It is a common belief that women are the only ones who have a problem with infertility but that is just not true. Only about 35 percent of the infertility cases are because of a female problem. But 35 percent can be a male problem and about 20 percent are problems with both partners while the last 10 percent are from unknown causes.

#3 It’s all in your head

People might tell an infertile couple that the problem is all in their head and that they should stop worrying so much about it because the stress from trying is making them not become pregnant. That is so not true. Infertility is related to a disease or condition in the reproductive system. Distressing can help you feel better overall but it won’t be the magical cure all for infertility.

#4 Those that work hard enough at it will eventually become pregnant.

While there are many advancements now that have been made in treating infertility, it is impossible to completely treat it and many problems can remain untreated despite how hard a couple works on their infertility.

#5 If a couple adopts a child, the woman will become pregnant

This can be painful for a couple that is infertile to hear and it is also not true. It suggests adoption is a simple means to an and end instead of being a wonderful way to make a family. Also, statistically speaking only 5 percent of couples who have adopted could become pregnant without other treatment.

#6 Husbands have left their wives because they’re infertile.

Many people have found that the process of infertility testing and treatments can be stressful and expensive, the couples have become stronger because they have found new ways of relating to each other making this a myth.

#7 Couples who are infertile will never be happy or fulfilled.

A couple who is unable to either become pregnant or carry pregnancy to term can be filled with anger, sadness, grief and even feel like a failure. It is normal for a couple to have powerful emotions but they do eventually move on and can put this into perspective. For some this means letting go of the dream to have a baby and some couples choose to adopt. Either way they find ways to have fulfilled lives with or without children.

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