Egg Donor Program

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Welcome to the Donor Egg Program! Thank you for your interest and taking the time to explore the opportunity to experience the gift of giving. Donating your eggs can be a rewarding experience and we look forward to caring for you during this process.

Who Could Donate

To qualify and apply to be an egg donor in our program, you must be:

  • 21 – 32 years old
  • Healthy weight and BMI
  • Non-smoker
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • No significant history of chronic medical conditions or genetic diseases
  • Must have transportation
“As a donor, I was taken care of from the beginning of the cycle, all the way through, to the end.  [The Northwell Health Fertility team] listened, understood and explained each and every question or concern that I may have had. I felt more than comfortable throughout the process, and was confident to go through with the procedure more than once.” – Anonymous Donor

About Us

Since 1976, Northwell Health Fertility has been a leader in reproductive and infertility medicine, and has been at the forefront of research into the reproductive sciences. We are respected for our success rates and recognized for our scientific achievements. Our highly trained physicians are double board certified in Reproductive Medicine and Ob/Gyn. They have been educated and trained at the nation’s top universities and hold faculty appointments with the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine. We are proud that our Chief, Dr. Avner Hershlag, has been named one of Castle Connolly’s Top Doctors over the past few years.

Our program strives to meet the highest standards of care and criteria established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). In addition, our program is regulated by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and The Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The guidelines and regulations set forth by these agencies greatly impact the way our program operates and we strive to provide you with the best and utmost care throughout your donation process. We’re committed to caring for you during this journey and creating a positive and rewarding experience for you. Your confidentiality and anonymity is strictly preserved.

“When I first looked into being an egg donor, it came up to me as an opportunity to do something absolutely amazing for another beautiful individual… I would think of how happy I can make someone feel. How much joy and love I could bring into someone’s life. That was everything to me.” – Anonymous Donor


Your decision to become an egg donor is a generous contribution and you will be compensated for your time and commitment for helping to build a family. As an anonymous Northwell Health Fertility Egg Donor, you will be compensated $10,000 for your efforts.

You will not be responsible for any medical costs related to the screening process or egg donation. Please note that the compensation is tax deductible, so you will receive an IRS form (1099) at the end of the year. Throughout the donation cycle (once you start injections), you will be covered by a medical insurance that the program will purchase.

“Being an egg donor was an absolutely amazing experience… I had nothing but a positive experience with [Northwell Health Fertility], and I’m more than grateful for the opportunity to do something amazing for another blessed individual.” – Anonymous Donor

Donor Process

Phase One: Becoming a Donor/Screening Process

  • This phase consists of applying to our program, psychological evaluation, consultation, physical exam, blood tests and genetic screening. You will not be responsible for any medical costs related to the screening process or egg donation

Phase Two: Getting Selected

  • Once you are approved as a donor, we will notify you once you have been selected for a cycle. We will choose a timeframe that fits your schedule.

Phase Three: Egg Donation Cycle

  1. The cycle will be synchronized with the recipient(s) using birth control pills.
  2. Afterwards, you will be taking injectable medications over a period of approximately 10-14 days to stimulate multiple eggs to grow in your ovaries. Once you are on injections, you must be available daily (between 7-9am) for blood work and ultrasound, to monitor your response to the medications. Some of these monitoring appointments are also available in our Smithtown and Manhattan locations.
  3. When your ovaries are ready, we will perform an egg retrieval under anesthesia. This procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
  4. Approximately 1-2 weeks after the procedure, you will meet with our physician for a follow-up exam and to make sure you are feeling well post-retrieval.

You will be financially compensated $10,000 for your efforts.

“When you’ve got a great, trustworthy, team to support you, smiling every step of the way, you feel completely at ease. The donor egg team is phenomenal.” –Anonymous Donor

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need egg donors?

  • Some women are born without functioning ovaries.
  • Women with certain genetic disorders are not able to conceive naturally.
  • Younger women’s ovaries sometimes fail prematurely for unknown reasons.
  • Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or a combination of these can damage the ovaries.

What is the overall time commitment for egg donation?

  • The procedures involved in egg donation (medications, injections and egg retrieval) can be completed in approximately 3 to 4 weeks. However, there are other steps involved in egg donation. This includes the screening process, which can take approximately 4 weeks from start to finish. In addition, getting selected and matched with recipient(s) may take several weeks to several months.

Do I need health insurance to apply and do I have to use my own insurance?

  • No. During the egg donation process, you will not be financially responsible for any testing, exams or services related to the screening and donation process. Throughout the donation cycle (once you start injections), you will be covered by an insurance that the program will purchase.

Is the egg retrieval procedure painful?

  • Egg retrieval is performed under anesthesia and there is rarely pain after the procedure. However, you may experience some abdominal cramps after the procedure.

Will I have any restrictions during my egg donation?

  • Once you start your medications, you will need to refrain from drinking alcohol and taking other medications such as Motrin, Advil, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. In addition, you will need to refrain from intercourse, exercise and strenuous activities when you start your injectable medications until the period after your egg retrieval.

Can I donate my eggs more than once?

  • Most likely, yes. Please contact the donor egg coordinator if you are interested in donating for a subsequent time. According to the guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, you should not donate eggs more than 6 times in your lifetime.

How many eggs will I donate?

  • We will retrieve mature eggs that are stimulated during your donation cycle. Most women are born with 1 to 2 million eggs. Most women ovulate one egg per month. Although one egg develops and is ovulated each month, women actually lose many more eggs per month through normal degeneration. During your egg donation cycle, your ovaries are stimulated so that more than one egg develops. In other words, the medications taken during the donor egg cycle stimulate the development of some of the eggs that would have otherwise degenerated.
Contact The Donor Egg Team
(516) 562-EGGS (3447)