New Technique Sheds Light on Fallopian Tube Blockages

fallopian tubesIf you are having trouble getting pregnant, a common cause could be that you have blockage in your fallopian tubes. The most common way doctors determine if you have this blockage is by using a dye inserted into your fallopian tubes and then doing an x-ray, but this procedure is often quite painful for patients. Now, a new technique is in place that involves much less discomfort: bubbles, saline water, and ultrasounds.

“Using the FemVue Sono HSG, the physician delivers the mixture of saline and air bubbles into the uterus through a small catheter, which then flows into the fallopian tubes. Under ultrasound, the air bubbles are highly visible as they travel through the tubes, allowing the physician to determine if a blockage exists.” This is physically a much more pleasant procedure, and has the added benefit of the patient not needing to undergo an x-ray.

This new technique solves other problems that the first technique also had. Many women feared the pain of the procedure and would not attempt it at all, even though undergoing it may give them answers as to their infertility. Some women were allergic to the dye and therefore physically could not undergo it.

The FemVue Sono technique is performed at a clinic. Ideal candidates are women who have already had at least one child and do not have a high risk for tubal disease. The test should be performed after the period has ended but before ovulation begins. The results are usually delivered immediately following the procedure before you leave the clinic.

There are many reasons your tubes might be blocked, as well as other reasons in general that you are experiencing infertility. Schedule an appointment today with your fertility doctor to get the answers you’ve been searching for.

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