Bridget Marquardt Opens Up About IVF

bridget marquardt ivfFormer playmate and Girls Next Door star Bridget Marquardt recently revealed that she and her husband Nick Carpenter are undergoing IVF treatments in order to get pregnant.

Now 42, Marquardt tells Us Weekly that she froze her eggs at age 34. She’d always wanted a family but wanted a little extra time, viewing her choice to freeze her eggs as insurance. Since her time on TV, however, medical problems made the process of conception more difficult than she’d planned. Read more ›

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New Study Examines Link Between Lycopene and Sperm Quality

tomatoes and sperm qualityPrevious studies have shown the red pigment lycopene- the compound in most sun ripened tomatoes- has the ability to boost male sperm count by as much as 70% in addition to other reproductive health benefits in males.  What is still known, however, was whether or not that boost in sperm count also meant a boost to sperm quality.

The answer to that question and more is what researchers are currently aiming to find out over the course of a 12-week trial.

While an estimated one in six of all couples are unable to conceive on their own, half of these cases are attributed to sperm quality. For this reason, this study and studies like it are important to reproductive health. Read more ›

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Menstrual Cramps or Something More?

menstrual crampsEach month you probably experience menstrual cramps, but how do you know if you should be worried about them? Menstrual cramps can be just a mild annoyance for one day or can leave you doubled over in pain for several days. Over 50 percent of women experience some form of pain each month while menstruating. Read more ›

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Adhesions and Infertility

adhesions fertilityAbnormal bands of scar tissue that causes organs to join or parts of organs to join that are not normally joined are adhesions. Causes for adhesions include infection, some diseases or previous surgery. Read more ›

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What is Intrauterine Insemination?

IUI fertility treatmentAn intrauterine insemination or IUI is a very simple fertility treatment that can be accomplished either with or without fertility drugs. This procedure is done by transferring semen that has been specially washed into the uterus through a thin catheter. An IUI is also called an artificial insemination. These two procedures are the same. Read more ›

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Top 6 Benefits of Support Groups

Elizabeth Westermann, LMSW.

Elizabeth Westermann, LMSW.

Support groups can be extremely beneficial to those going through the fertility process. Documented research shows that the power of group support helps people with many types of medical and health issues, including infertility.  Here are the top 6 benefits of joining an infertility support group: Read more ›

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Pregnancy after IVF

after IVFIf you are pregnant after IVF, then congrats! Here is what you can expect during the first stages of an IVF pregnancy.

You may have been trying to get pregnant for years or perhaps you have even had many cycles of fertility treatments and now you have done it, you are pregnant. You are probably very happy but also a little anxious because you can’t believe that it has finally happened to you. These feelings are totally normal. Read more ›

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Dr. Hershlag on Family Planning Counseling for Cancer Patients

Dr. Avner Hershlag

Dr. Avner Hershlag

Dr. Hershlag was recently featured in Oncology Times discussing family planning for cancer patients:

“When first diagnosed, all patients should be informed of our capacity to freeze embryos for women with a partner, and freeze eggs when single. Submerged in liquid nitrogen, eggs and embryos survive for years, or as long as is required before pregnancy is deemed safe. Making women aware of this option when first diagnosed with cancer should inject a bright hope into what may seem to be a bleak forecast at the time of diagnosis.”

You can read the full journal article HERE.

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Lesser Known Causes of Infertility

infertility stressIt can be very upsetting to a couple who is trying to conceive without success. Infertility for both males and females is rising and effecting between 10 and 15% of couples. While there are some causes that are known to couples they should also think about the lesser known but also important factors when they are trying to conceive.

More commonly known causes for infertility include the age of the mother, obesity, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, varicose veins in the scrotum and fallopian tube damage. Read more ›

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Fibroids – How They Affect Fertility and Pregnancy

18940429_sUterine fibroids are small growths that are on the uterus. While small, they can make pregnancy difficult for some. So, what can be done for the condition?

These are non-cancerous growths found in the uterus and they are very common and around 50 to 80% of women have them. The sizes can range from very small to very large. Some of the m can even be big enough to change both the size and the shape of the uterus. Read more ›

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